You Can Now Move Google Analytics Properties Between Accounts

Google has added a new feature to Analytics that enables you to move a property, along with everything nested within it, from one account to another.

The simple process allows you to organise and consolidate accounts more effectively, as an agency or a user with administrator access.

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Tracking LinkedIn Conversions Using Google Tag Manager

Tracking conversions across websites using LinkedIn has just got easier.

With native conversion tracking you can monitor what sponsored content and text ads lead to conversions.

LinkedIn Insight Tags can now be placed across your whole web property. Placing and managing these is made easy by using Google Tag Manager - all you need is the Conversion Tracking Insight ID from the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

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Google Adwords - Expanded Text Ads

At it's technology conference, I/O 2016, Google announced a great new change to the way Adwords text ads appear. Expanded text ads are better optimised for the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones, making them more effective on those devices with larger, high resolution displays.

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Google Adwords Campaign Groups

Many companies use multiple AdWords campaigns to organise their accounts and manage targeting. A company might for example offer both products and services and have multiple campaigns targeting each.

In this case aggregating performance data for campaigns targeting products rather than services often required use of a filter or data manipulation.

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The New Google Analytics Demo Account

Getting to grips with some of the advanced features of analytics can initially be challenging. If you are looking to learn but don't have access to real world data understanding the role of dashboards or how you set up custom reports becomes harder.

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Cohort Analysis - Google Analytics

How Do I Use The Cohort Analysis Report?

The purpose of Cohort analysis is to understand how a metric for a specific segment of users performs over time. A cohort is simply a segment of users based on the date of their first session, so all users with the same acquisition date belong to the same cohort.

<p">The Cohort Analysis report in Google Analytics - currently in beta - allows you to compare one cohort against another, and see how the performance of those cohorts compare to one another using metrics such as pageviews, revenue, and session duration.

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Using the User Explorer - Google Analytics

The User Explorer feature in Google Analytics is a somewhat new tool that allows you to see individual user behaviour at the session level. This allows you to understand individual user behaviour, using their User-ID or Client-ID, to gain insight into a specific user experience.

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Google Data Studio - Data Visualisation & Reporting

What looks to be a giant new leap in Google data reporting and visualisation tools – Google Data Studio - has recently been unleashed. Ahead of its international launch we thought it would be a good idea to give you a run-down of the main capabilities on offer, and prepare you for what we think will be a very important tool going forwards in the world of Analytics reporting.

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